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DeBunking Beliefs vs. Reality

Have you ever really taken the time to fully understand your beliefs about booze? Honestly. My guess is most likely not. And that's ok. Our whole lives alcohol has been present - simply based on the culture we live in. Then throw in on top of it how we were raised, our experiences, and what we gathered from watching others. Before you know it there is a LOT to unpack.

That is why it is SO beyond crucial to really comprehend your Beliefs around alcohol while also making time to get honest and truthful with the Reality and Facts. You'll likely see very quickly that your thoughts around alcohol are just that - your own personal feelings and emotions learned over years of experience.

Then, this is where it can get really fun! If you haven't already, now you get to DEBUNK some things! Don't fight or resist this - again this is the fun part!

Why? This is where you can regain the power and control you've given to booze.

Going through this process and exercise can be insanely helpful so please take the time to do this sometime this week. (BONUS - You can do it for nearly any topic you may be struggling with too!)

As we know, we cannot change what we're unaware of, and our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings around alcohol are 100% why we're all in the position we are and why we have the relationship that we do.

The beautiful thing, though, is when you can uncover not only these thoughts but also understand what the FACT or REALITY of the situation is ... that is when you regain all the power and control booze has had over you.

Yes, this will take practice and patience, and a lot of awareness, but it is SO WORTH IT.

Take all judgment out of your answers - don't think - just write/respond with whatever comes to mind. It's coming up for a reason.

Here's a personal example from my own recent life experience:

  1. TOF: Alcohol makes me more fun, flirty, and enjoyable to be around and makes the situation/event more fun, too!

  2. F: Fact? NO, this is not a scientific fact.

  3. DeBunk: All the weddings and social events I've been to recently. I've had just as much fun (if not more) not drinking at all. I wake up feeling refreshed. I don't have the shame, regret, self-judgment, or fear of what I may have said or if I embarrassed myself. I actually remember everything that went down and was present in my conversations and experiences. In short, I did not need alcohol to make me more fun nor did I need it to have fun.


If you'd like access to this worksheet or have any interest in changing your relationship with alcohol, please consider joining ShameOver! You can get started on your own with the Lose the Hangover Bootcamp or consider joining our amazing community and Master Moderation with other incredible, like-minded women!

You deserve it. You are worth it.

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