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Cut Back Like a Boss Workbook

Empower Your Journey to Mindful Drinking and Long-Term Success

Welcome to a transformative experience designed exclusively for women ready to redefine their relationship with alcohol. The "Cut Back Like a Boss Workbook" is not just a guide; it's your roadmap to empowered and confident moderation.

Erica Mallery

Cut Back Like A Boss

The ultimate success guide + workbook for women ready to drink less, feel confident with or without

a drink in hand, and develop a better relationship with alcohol and themselves.​

Take a peek at what's included:


Unlock Your Why:

Discover the roots of your habits.

Unearth the motivations behind your relationship with alcohol. Our interactive exercises and insightful prompts guide you to the core of your patterns, helping you understand the "why" behind your choices.


Thrive Through the Urges:

Master strategies to conquer challenges. Empower yourself with effective tools to thrive through urges and difficult moments. The workbook provides actionable strategies, ensuring you not only survive but thrive on your journey to mindful drinking.

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Craft Your Cut Back Comeback:

Create a personalized plan for lasting success. Define your unique Cut Back Comeback—a plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals. No rigid rules; just a roadmap to success that seamlessly integrates into your life.


Embrace Confidence Naturally:

Gain confidence in your choices.

Build self-assurance with step-by-step guidance and empowering insights. Confidence becomes your companion, making mindful choices a natural and enjoyable part of your lifestyle. and get ready for some ah*ha moments.

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Uncover the Importance:

Discover the positive impact of drinking less. Delve into the myriad benefits, from improved physical health to enhanced mental well-being. Uncover why cutting back matters to you, fueling your commitment to long-term success.

The Cut Back Like A Boss  Success Guide + Workbook - Key Features

  • 50+ pages of interactive exercises and insightful prompts

  • Step-by-step guidance tailored for women seeking lasting change

  • Strategies to understand and overcome urges

  • Personalized Cut Back Comeback creation

  • Confidence-building techniques for mindful choices

  • Unveiling the significance of drinking less in your life

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Start Your Journey Today!

Invest in the "Cut Back Like a Boss Workbook" for Only $7.

Transform your relationship with alcohol naturally, confidently, and for the long term.

Join countless women on their path to empowerment and success.

Click below to start your journey now!


What People Are Saying

What if...

  • You could easily find your ‘off’ button and stop drinking?

  • Everything was laid out for you to do to take back control of your drinking?

  • You had confidence with or without a drink in your hand?

  • You never experienced the regret, shame and hangxiety ever again?


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"My relationship with alcohol has improved substantially."

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