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ShameOver Success Stories

Learn how ShameOver has changed lives and helped countless people find moderation (and so much more!)

P.S. Washington

 "My life is now what I always knew it could be...The transformation to my far more authentic self is priceless" 

Jill H.

"You will absolutely see immediate results in your moderation...As a psychotherapist myself, I would highly recommend"

Jean H.

"I am so, so grateful to have discovered ShameOver at this time in my life."

Cathy S.

"I would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking about their booze intake and looking to cut down."
Erica and ShameOver Squad Members

ShameOver Successes

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ShameOver Success Story

I've really enjoyed this experience and the community! It's nice that it is was a wide group of people who participated; it's almost easier being more honest about your habits with people who don't know you that well vs close friends. They can give you more honest feedback, I think. I've realized a lot of women are thinking about or struggling with the same feelings. The more we openly talk about it, the healthier we will all probably become.   Thank you for creating this!


Love it. ShameOver has been amazing and I think that’s been key to having a successful experience. I now know that I’m not alone, and finding my real why is essential for my success as is setting specific goals.


ShameOver Success Story

Understanding how I use alcohol when I’m not paying attention and how it can be harmful to my overall productivity and happiness has been a key takeaway from participating in ShameOver


ShameOver Success Story

ShameOver Success Story

Being able to mindfully drink and notice when I overdid it or have the willpower to have control and say no has been the biggest win for me during this reset. Also, recognizing that I'm not alone in wanting to cut back on my drinking and that others also feel shame around the times they overindulge has been helpful. The check-ins and articles sent throughout the reset were really helpful reminders along the way, too.  All in all, I loved being part of this group, and thank you for bringing us all together.


ShameOver Success Story

I did ShameOver's Hangover Free Holidays program (how to navigate the holidays, parties, and stress without being hungover) and I learned so much during this program!

Before this program, I realized I am a social drinker and would easily drink as much as the people around me, even if I knew I didn't want another drink. I enjoy drinking and still plan to, however, I wanted to better understand my relationship with alcohol and why I'd tend to drink more during social situations.

Through ShameOver, I was able to understand why I socially drink and developed effective systems I can put in place to better manage my drinking when I am at social events. I realized the importance of planning how many drinks I'd have before attending an event, that it is ok to say no to alcohol, and that I am in control of how many drinks I decide to consume. During the program, Erica provided helpful guides and worksheets to help me better understand myself and my relationship with alcohol. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly Fireside Group chats that she led, as it was a safe space to hear other people's perspectives and to know that I am not alone in this journey. Erica offered the best advice, tips, and tricks, all while reminding us to love ourselves, as we are all in this together further defining and understanding our relationship with alcohol.


Another thing I really enjoyed was learning about non-alcoholic drink options-and there are a lot of them! Overall, I would highly recommend ShameOver to anyone, as I learned so much, have been putting what I've learned into practice, and ultimately feel in control of the alcohol I consume. You won't regret taking one of these programs as Erica is absolutely fantastic!


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