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Say bye to the shame and guilt, and rediscover control and balance in your consumption.

Have you noticed yourself drinking too much or finding it harder to say "no" to that next drink?

Perhaps you've considered if you need to cut back on the booze? You know you don't have a problem, but also never want it to become one.

You've tried going cold turkey but that has never worked as a long-term solution. 

Let's be honest. You are tired of waking up with the anxiety, guilt, or shame of what may have gone down the night before, and you are done wasting some (or all) of the next day nursing your hangover. 

hangover woman

Instead you:

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  • Are in need of some accountability 

  • Desire Feeling & Looking your Best DAILY

  • May even lose weight, too!

  • Are ready to enjoy better, more restful sleep and take advantage of that extra energy and time that being hangover-free brings

  • Know you can have better relationships and boundaries all while being present with your family & friends

  • Have full control over your drinking and never doubt the decisions you're making


If any of this rings true please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I've been where you are...

erica mallery

I have always been a drinker, but I never questioned my alcohol consumption until living through the pandemic. Over time, I found it was becoming harder for me not to end the day with a glass of wine.  Then it became more and more difficult to stop after 1 or 2. I wasn’t remembering everything from the night before and I was just sick of waking up feeling like BLAH. Drinking too much is never fun to talk about for fear of judgment but I started bringing it up in conversation only for every discussion to end with ME TOO! Clearly, I knew I was not alone in this. But everything I found online was telling me the only thing to do what to say BYE to booze and go COLD TURKEY for a certain period of time.


After trying nearly every diet throughout my lifetime, I knew this all-or-nothing approach was not for me. So, I decided to create something that would work for me! And I tried it with a group of friends. After 100% success, I decided to find a group of women - none of whom I knew - who would be open to testing this for me too. Well, it has been nothing but successful so far for everyone who has committed to the process, and it became obvious to me this had to be shared. So, I created the Lose the Hangover Bootcamp!

I loved myself (and my family) enough to know it was time to make a change and find a better relationship with alcohol, and seeing the impacts not only in my own life but also in how many others are transforming their lives has been nothing short of inspiring and empowering. 


If you’ve - even for a moment - wondered if drinking less might be good for you - don’t waste another minute. Start the LOSE THE HANGOVER BOOTCAMP today!

You deserve it. You are worth it. 

Here's how it works:

A 4-week experience to kickstart your moderation journey so you can conquer overindulging and transform your relationship with alcohol forever. 

(No worries - you won't say bye to the booze like so many other programs.) 

We help set you up for success LONG-TERM by breaking this down into sip-sized chunks making small, realistic changes.  Think of this more like a lifestyle change as opposed to a crash diet. 

step 1

Lose the Hangover Bootcamp
SIGN UP NOW, and get immediate access to the Bootcamp + Community.  You'll kick off by finding your baseline.  

step 2

Determine Your Bottleneck
Commit to 5 minutes a day! Reset + Rewire your brain through discovering your beliefs around alcohol.

step 3

Habit Blaster
Understand #1 and start to change your habits, forever. 

(P.S. get ready to say BYE to the self-judgment, too!)

step 4

Happy Hour Haven
Start to master tools and tricks that will set you up for long-term success!

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ShameOver Success Story

I've really enjoyed this experience and the community! It's nice that it is was a wide group of people who participated; it's almost easier being more honest about your habits with people who don't know you that well vs close friends. They can give you more honest feedback, I think. I've realized a lot of women are thinking about or struggling with the same feelings. The more we openly talk about it, the healthier we will all probably become.   Thank you for creating this!


Imagine the Day

Just imagine what life is like when you have complete control over your drinking, hangover-free. You can wake up every morning, with zero shame or anxiety, and remember all the fun you had the night before. You aren’t questioning what you said or did. You don’t experience the severe brain fog or nausea punishing you for yesterday’s transgressions.  Instead, you’re clear and able to take on the day with a newfound sense of peace! Because you are able to control your drinking, you are now more present throughout the day, you have more energy, you are able to manage your stress, feel more balanced, and you even sleep better, too!

As a result of Shameover you will:

  • Cut back on your drinking without needing to go completely sober

  • Get clear on why you drink 

  • Create a realistic plan that will help you move forward with control and balance long-term!

Funnel Pages (2).png

Love it. ShameOver has been amazing and I think that’s been key to having a successful experience. I now know that I’m not alone, and finding my real why is essential for my success as is setting specific goals.


For less than a night out on the town or that Uber ride home ($27) you can Lose the Hangover and change your relationship with alcohol, forever!

We all drink for a reason. It may be to escape, to reduce stress, or possibly because we think we need it to have fun or fit in. But, deep down you know you need to make a change - NOW.

As a result of Shameover you will:

  • Cut back on your drinking without needing to go completely sober

  • Get clear on why you drink 

  • Create a realistic plan that will help you move forward with control and balance long-term!

  • Feel empowered knowing you truly can learn to Master Moderation!

Minimal Title

Don't just take my word for it..

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ShameOver Success Story

Being able to mindfully drink and notice when I overdid it or have the willpower to have control and say no has been the biggest win for me during this reset. Also, recognizing that I'm not alone in wanting to cut back on my drinking and that others also feel shame around the times they overindulge has been helpful. The check-ins and articles sent throughout the reset were really helpful reminders along the way, too.  All in all, I loved being part of this group, and thank you for bringing us all together.


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Understanding how I use alcohol when I’m not paying attention and how it can be harmful to my overall productivity and happiness has been a key takeaway from participating in ShameOver


ShameOver Success Story

Are you ready to lose the hangover without saying bye to the booze? It's time to transform your relationship with alcohol, forever.

Let's do this!

You deserve it. You are worth it.

Still not sure? Cutback Like a Boss for only $7!

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