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Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Options

I am a BIG believer in NA, AF, B*Free. Why? B*FREE or Booze Free drinks are a huge reason why I was able to get my drinking to a level I'm very comfortable with and proud of and why I'm on a mission to help others live in this empowering place, too!

I used to be what some like to call a "gray area drinker" which essentially means I like to drink and I was really good at it! I was fully functioning and was not drinking at a level that was impacting my relationships, career, etc, but I was often drinking more than I intended and found it harder to say no or to stop.

Now, I can proudly say I have Mastered Moderation; I drink when I want, how much I want, but I no longer use booze to cope nor do I need a glass of alcohol in my hand to feel confident. And this is thanks to the incredible b*free options that have changed my life and made NOT drinking so much easier and way more fun!

Before, there were only a handful of non-alcoholic options on the market. Most were pretty terrible if I'm being honest. The great news is now the market has been flooded with endless choices! Bad news - it can be overwhelming (and there are still some not-so-tasty ones...)

So, I've helped narrow it down for you so you can check out some of my go-to favs and see what you want to start incorporating into your life!

  • Giesen - The 0% Sauv Blanc has changed my life and truly has me choosing it over any alcohol +90% of the time! Giese also has this entire selection of No and Low wines to choose from! (photo via

Gruvi - I cannot speak higher of this company! It is female-owned and has an entire collection of best-selling non-alcoholic beer and wine and has won several national and international awards, including a Gold Medal for Best Non-Alcoholic Beer in the World at the World Beer Cup! The Sparkling Rose is absolute perfection and the Sangria makes me feel like I'm back in Spain! They're making their way onto many menus and can now be found at Whole Foods, too! (photo @getgruvi)

Athletic Brewing - Game changer whether or not you like beer! I personally am not a beer drinker but their IPA is absolutely lovely! Athletic Brewing Company is the first brewery and taproom fully devoted to the production of NA craft brews in the US. Highly recommend! (photo @athleticbrewing)

  • Surely - BEST SPLURGE! More expensive but worth it. I've tried nearly every type Surely has to offer and can admit I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. They can also be purchased locally now so check a Sprouts near you! (photo @drinksurely)

H20 Sparkling Seltzer - Moscato! Don't sleep on this one - this is not at all what it sounds like. Moscato normally gets a bad rep (as do seltzers if you are like me and don't enjoy malt) but this has been the most delightful surprise! Each can contains vitamin C and vitamin B12, further enhanced with antioxidants and electrolytes, potassium, and calcium. (photo @

Aplos - Best Sipper! Aplos is a hemp-infused, plant-based, non-alcoholic spirit that calms and uplifts, without the negative effects of alcohol. Use code "OKTOSHARE" at checkout for 15% off! (I'm not a hemp person usually but this changes all of that for me.) (photo

Ritual - My #1 for Tequilla! It is smokey like a mezcal and I absolutely love it! Great to sip on the rocks or however you'd usually incorporate tequila! (photo @ritualzeroproof)

Dhos - Best GIN Replacement - Dhōs Gin Free is sugar-free and zero calories! Not much better than that! (photo @dhosspirits)

Notable Mentions

  • Sunwink - My award for best any-time anywhere drink - Sunwink is a female-founded, plant-powered wellness company that makes Superfood Powders and Sparkling Herbal Tonics. The Hibiscus Mint is MY GO-TO!

  • Curious Elixirs - Booze-free craft cocktails, infused with adaptogens to help you unwind. The beverages are handmade with the best ingredients and no refined sugar. Created because they believe non-alcoholic drinks should be unusually delicious, these are well-crafted and good for bodies and souls. Get 10% off through the link.

  • Greenbar - Craft Canned B*Free Cocktails! The Lavender Bitters + Soda is fantastic.

  • Fre - has a line of plenty of B*Free options to choose from, but my personal FAV is the Sparkling Rose! Crisp, tart, and a bit sour.

  • Mingle Mocktails - one of my new favorites! I've only tried the Cucumber Melon Mojito and the Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini and loved them both - great for summer days, rooftop patios, and pool day fun!

There you have it! My top go-to B*Free Favs!

Please remember that if you don't like something, try something else! Just like with alcohol, there are going to be some great b*free drinks that you love and others that you don't, and that's ok!

Lastly, when it comes to price - get over the sticker shock. I often hear how people "can't believe how expensive" these options are since they "don't have alcohol."

  1. Many of these go through the same process but then have an additional step taken to remove the alcohol. So that's more time, money, etc, going into it.

  2. A lot of these have much better, higher-quality ingredients

  3. How many times have you woken up the morning after saying, "I'd pay anything not to have this hangover..." Well, that my friend is worth paying for. Don't you think?

  4. What is your health worth? Any reduction in alcohol use is beneficial for your health.

Want to transform your relationship with alcohol? Check ShameOver's Lose the Hangover Bootcamp and Master Moderation today. You deserve it. You are worth it.

***Please note, some of the links above are affiliate links. That being said, I 100% recommend everything I've mentioned and am not being paid by any of the brands listed here for my review. I do like saving money on things I'm already buying that I love and believe in, and I also love sharing that with others. Cheers!***

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