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Understanding + Awareness + Acceptance

As we know, drinking has little to do with the actual drink. We're usually grabbing for the glass (or bottle) to feel something or to avoid feeling something. This can come up during times of boredom or stress, anxiety or celebration, and don't downplay the significance of pain (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual....)

What is important is becoming aware of this and understanding what we're truly looking for in the moment. Maybe it's relief. Maybe it's to numb. Maybe it's comfort. Or just simply out of habit.

I fully understand we don't always want to assess what we're thinking and some days we don't have it in us to "feel the feels."

Other days we truly just don't care and simply want to drink.

I can say ME TOO to all of that!

But at the end of the day, if moderation is important to you then understanding, awareness, and most of all acceptance are going to be crucial.

Maybe you can't do it at the moment, that's OK, but at least take time after the fact to check in with yourself and reflect.

Just be sure to stay as neutral as possible and from there show yourself some grace. Always.

Join the Lose the Hangover Bootcamp and take advantage of the incredibly helpful worksheets and coaching that can help you to really dig in so you can make the changes you need with the VIP understanding and awareness. This is how you can go from "trying to control your drinking with willpower" to actually Mastering Moderation with ease.

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