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Today, we commit.

Hello! Thanks as always to everyone who was able to make it today!

I am SO PROUD of all of you who made the commitment today.

Today. each and every one of us is officially making the commitment to INVEST IN OURSELVES for the next 30 days. Some have chosen to do 30-days b*free, and some a committing to 30-days of moderation (specifically stating what that moderation will look like.)

You get to decide what these next 30-days will look like to you, but make the decision to stop wanting and final go all-in and COMMIT!


Wanting doesn't get anything done.

Wanting, instead of committing, gives yourself an out or a reason to "fail" or not follow through.

Wanting is simply waiting for something better to come along rather than making the most of your NOW.

You deserve better than this.

You wouldn't keep breaking promises to your best friend (otherwise your friendship won't last long) so stop doing a disservice to yourself and start giving yourself the same courtesy you'd show your bestie.

The grass isn't green on the other side... it's green where you water it.

It's time to start watering your area rather than focusing on "what if" or "when" or comparing your grass to your neighbors.

Focus on you and you only. You are the only one that you can control.

I will send out a daily affirmation with something empowering and/or uplifting that you can use as your motto for the day for those of you who are a part of ShameOver!

Of course, feel free to come up with your own affirmation too. Something that really speaks to you and feels good! Regardless, just remember to keep it positive and to keep moving forward no matter how big or small the progress is. Progress is progress.

I want each of you to print this attachment out (or take a screenshot on your phone and then sign it via the edit feature if needed.)

You need to physically input your name, and the date, and SIGN this commitment.

The reason why printing it out is key if you're able to do so is that when you physically sign it and then put it someplace where you will look at it EVERY SINGLE DAY, when you see your signature you will be reminded that you are doing this for YOU! And probably a handful of other reasons, too!

This visual cue will help you keep your commitment to yourself top of mind and encourage you to keep going no matter what. Remember:

You deserve it. You are worth it.


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