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Reflecting on an Unexpected Date Night: A Lesson in Mindful Moderation

After more than three years on my moderation journey, I recently experienced something new—a mixed bag of emotions that left a lasting impression.

My husband and I decided to hit up Happy Hour for a date night at a spot that has always meant so much to us. Lately, it felt like they might have "lost a step," but hey, the drinks were still on point.

Until today.

I ordered my all-time favorite drink, but surprise, surprise—I couldn't even get through half of it. So there I was, torn between skipping drinks or trying their usually amazing, hard-to-mess-up Margarita. I went for the Marg, thinking it was a safe bet.

Wrong again. After two sips, I pushed it away, joining my other unfinished drink in the "nope" pile. And the worst part? The bartender didn’t even check in even though he clearly knew the drinks were not enjoyable or even drinkable.

So, will we be back? Nope. But hey, it wasn’t all bad. The night turned into a big win by reminding me of some key lessons in mindful drinking:

- Slow Your Roll and Check In: Always take a moment to see how you're feeling and what you really want.

- Make Drinking Part of the Fun: Drinking should enhance the experience, not be the whole experience.

- Love It or Leave It: If you don't absolutely love your drink, don't feel bad about letting it go.

This date night reinforced that moderation is all about quality over quantity and savoring the moments we love. Even years in, I’m still learning, growing, being tested, and thankfully evolving.

Cheers to making every sip count!

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1 Comment

May 17

I love that! Thank you for sharing.

Great pics.❤️👍

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