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Put A Cork In It!

Here's a quick recap from today's fireside chat:

  • Put a cork in it! We celebrated a great win with someone literally putting the cork back in the bottle rather than proceeding to have the rest since it was open. I LOVE THIS! When in doubt, just put a cork in it! :)

  • Meditation and Mindfulness - Moderation can simply come down to self-awareness. When you're mindful with what you're doing/saying/consuming you're more present with it making it much easier to take control and stop when you want or need to rather than keep going. Try to practice mindfulness - even just for 1 minute - every single day. I like to do it with my morning coffee/tea. Another great way to practice mindfulness is through meditation. I personally love the free INSIGHT TIMER app. Helps loads with anxiety and sleep, too!

  • Drinking is social - be the first to switch to B*Free options or stop altogether and witness how this might change the group for the better. When you give yourself permission to stop you also give everyone else the power to as well.

  • When trying out a new b*free option it may be an acquired taste. Why not put some OJ in the Nosecco or seltzer or tonic water into the b*free wine if it isn't the most enjoyable to you on it's own. Remember, the first drinks you had of booze weren't the most delightful thing you'd had at that time. Booze is also an acquired taste, you've just become very accustomed to it.

  • Set yourself up for success by making a plan. Maybe it's by doing something specific and intentional as soon as you wake up to ensure you're successful throughout your day. Make it EASY to make the right/best/good decisions. And make it hard to continue to do the bad habits you're trying to change.

Keep tracking. Continue to make progress and always celebrate the wins. Have a great day and make it a wonderful week, Erica

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