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One word to transform everything..

Today, we learned one of the most powerful words that can truly change everything.. And that word is....


Next time you're about to perform something out of a habit or do something you're looking to change, stop and tell yourself WAIT! Not only will this force you to be mindful and in the moment, but you'll also be forced to pause. Then, ask yourself with grace and honesty...


This simple act - when put into practice consistently - can truly transform everything for you!

You'll understand when you're acting out of habit when you're doing something without any thought or hoping (whether conscious or not) that whatever you're about to do will make you feel better in some way. When you WAIT and understand WHAT you are thinking, you'll then be able to make the conscious choice of what you REALLY want to do.

Does this next action align with who and what you are striving to be?

Show yourself love and grace and make the decision that is most in alignment with who and what you're trying to become LONG TERM - don't just focus on the short-term gratification you may get with eating or drinking or buying that .... (PS - Let your short-term gratification be the fact that you acted in your overall best interest and took a moment to be mindful and present rather than just acting out of habit or emotion.)

You've got this! Now go practice using your secret power word - WAIT - and experience the transformational possibilities that it can deliver.

You deserve it. You are worth it.

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