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Hangover-Free Holidays Starts Tomorrow!

Lose the hangover… not the booze. And change your life forever!

Sick of tired of being sick and tired?

Over the hangovers?

Done wasting the day away and all that time lost?

What about the shame, anxiety, or guilt you may experience the day after?

What you said …

What you did …

What you don’t remember …

You are not alone.

What if I could tell you it could be diff?

What if making one single change would change your life. Forever.

If you Work on your relationship with alcohol and simply start moderating.

Stop thinking good vs bad Stop wasting energy Stop with all that negative self talk Start understanding why Start getting curious Start breaking it down

Join Shameover’s hangover-free holidays!

Not only will you change you relationship and reliance on booze forever

It may also be the best holidays you’ll ever remember.

Starts tomorrow!

You deserve it. You are worth it.

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