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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

If your holidays are anything like mine, they are probably centered around booze.

Don't get me wrong, alcohol has been a big part of what I look forward to as well, but I realized I wanted this holiday to be different.

Personally, I tend to drink even more around the holidays. With this time of year comes:

  • added holiday stress

  • family gatherings that may include some people I am A*OK seeing only a time or two a year...

  • extra calories constantly surrounding me (from the booze to all the sweat treats of the adds up quickly!)

  • endless social gatherings and celebrations

  • Work events where I definitely don't want to say/do anything I'll regret

Again - much of this I truly do look forward to. But I also know it can be incredibly easy to overdo it ... and dealing with a rambunctious toddler with a hangover is the absolute worst! I am aware that I can get a bit lippy with people once I've had too much, and now more than ever is a good time to stay in control of my words and my actions.

So, bring on Hangover-Free Holidays - 5-Weeks of support to help you get through this season remembering more, stressing less, being present, and simply not feeling like shit. All of this plus you'll have an amazing support squad cheering you on!

Why not bypass the hangovers altogether yet still be able to indulge in the festivities?

How amazing would it be to make it through this holiday season without a hangover or the regret and shame that come from drinking too much? Imagine not waking up with guilt or anxiety about what you may have said or done the night before...not to mention all the free time you'll have when you're not wasting the day nursing a hangover.


JOIN NOW and use promo code: Happy Hour at checkout for a sweet discount! The holidays are amazing - undoubtedly the best time of the year for a reason. Make the most of them this year. You deserve it. You are worth it.

Let's do this!

Cheers to YOUR Hangover-Free Holiday! Erica

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