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Today is all about FEAR. Why?

Fear plays a much bigger role in our success (or lack thereof) than most of us realize.

We've all experienced fear in some capacity. We usually think immediately of something scary or traumatic or terrifying, but we don't understand how common FEAR is in our day-to-day life or how fear can also go hand-in-hand with shame, grief, and loss. But when it comes to making changes, fear can likely be a huge reason why you can't fully commit or go all in. Think about it.

Have you ever....

  • Been afraid to declare out loud or to specific people that you aren't drinking/taking a break/cutting back?

  • Refused to get an accountability partner?

  • Paid for something but never showed up (or stopped) for reasons that - now looking back - don't really make sense if you're truthful with yourself?!

  • Keep "forgetting" to make time for whatever it is you keep trying to devote time to?

  • Truly feel like you WANT it with everything in you but if you're completely honest DEEP DOWN you know there's something holding you back?

  • Not been as forthcoming or vulnerable as you could/should be due to the other person likely not meeting your expectation(s) of how you want or need them to respond?

These are all completely normal and incredibly common.

Change is hard.

With change comes the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of judgment, and fear of success. There's also usually a lot of shame involved as well as grief from the loss or potential loss - even if you know it's best for you!