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6 Tips to Drinking in Moderation - Drink like a P.L.A.Y.E.R.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Booze will always be around us - that will never NOT be the case. So, what can you do to be around it without having to drink to excess? Try out these 6 tips today on drinking like a PLAYER and get excited about waking up tomorrow without regret or a hangover.

  1. Make a Plan!

  2. Start Later

  3. Alternate

  4. Your Why

  5. End Earlier

  6. Rest and Repeat

Plan/Prepare: Don't underestimate the power of planning and preparing. Whether you plan for your week or just the day of, once you have a plan in place you're more likely to stick with it. Try this: I normally sit down on Sundays and look at my week and see what days I know I'm likely to drink (as well as what days may be best for me to take off - B*FREE!) Decide before you go to that happy hour or social event what you're going to drink and how much. Better yet, when possible, BYOB! That way you're in full control. It's all about the PLAN.

Later Start: This has been a big one for me personally. I've always been a huge fan of Happy Hour, but then it got too easy to keep going. Easy fix - Start Later - even if it's only an hour. Try this: I used to be huge on only working out in the AM. Now, I'll sometimes intentionally plan an evening workout or yoga session. Not only does it push back that "itch" to have a drink...many times I don't even want to have one - or can easily talk myself out of it - based on the time.

Alternate: Booze and water. Make sure for every alcoholic drink you have that you follow it with a non-alcoholic drink. Preferably water. Not only will it keep you hydrated it'll also help fill you up, keep you in a sound mind, cut unnecessary calories, and keep a drink in your hand. Drinking is very sensory, so sometimes simply having something physically in your hand will help scratch the itch. Try this: Order sparkling water with your drink of choice. That way, when the alcoholic drink is done, you have something else to start sipping immediately. Bonus tip: Add a lemon or lime for extra flavor! Bonus tip: Play a game and see how long it can take you for each drink! Try to enjoy each one you consume for as long as possible. Then, see if you can beat the time (by making your next drink last even longer!)

Your WHY: Why do you want to slow down your drinking? If you don't know this answer, let's figure it out! But once you know Your WHY (it must be something that hits you in the feels) reminding yourself of this before (and during) drinking will help keep you honest and in alignment. Try this: