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Spring cleaning isn't just about decluttering your physical space – it's also about decluttering your mind, body, and spirit, and creating space for growth, renewal, and joy.


Start Spring Cleaning Your Relationship with Alcohol today with this 10-Day Workbook. Packed with empowering exercises and actionable strategies, this guide will help you navigate the season with clarity, confidence, and balance. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to renewal as you embrace a healthier approach to drinking.


Embrace the spirit of springtime renewal as you nurture a relationship with alcohol that feels nourishing, balanced, and true to yourself.


Start your journey today!

Spring Clean Your Relationship With Alcohol

    *Fine Print: I understand that ShameOver isn't a substitute for medical advice. I will not stop drinking suddenly if I think I am physically dependent on alcohol. If I experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms I will seek medical help. 
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