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Coaching is a powerful tool that can truly help you find that breakthrough you've been longing for and transform on so many levels. 


Outside of transforming your relationship with alcohol (we will definitely do that,) what else do you want out of life?

  • Strong, healthy relationships

  • Balance & energy

  • Less guilt

  • Self-love, empowerment & confidence

  • Compassion for others

  • Fulfillment & purpose

  • Genuine happiness & joy


You CAN have it all! Are you ready for it? With one-on-one coaching, you will:

  • Understand where you are and define exactly where you want to be

  • Together, we will develop a roadmap on exactly how to get there

  • Learn the skills you need and discover the habits to change to make this dream a reality

  • Overcome what has been holding you back

  • Leave empowered knowing it is all within YOU


Package includes:

  • 4x 1:1 Sessions each month (best when used weekly)

  • Direct Access to Erica via Marco Polo for support and feedback whenever needed

  • Marco Polo Plus account

  • Lose the Hangover Bootcamp

  • The ShameOver Vault (all videos, trainings, workbooks, and guides!)


Sessions are 30 minutes and we utilize every second to effectively focus on whatever YOU need during that time. 



Therapy is amazing! But coaching can be the real game-changer since it also provides accountability and an action plan for success. You deserve it. You are worth it. 

1:1 Coaching

Price Options
One-time purchase
1:1 Coaching (3-mo)
Commit and Save!
$247.00every month for 3 months
    *Fine Print: I understand that ShameOver isn't a substitute for medical advice. I will not stop drinking suddenly if I think I am physically dependent on alcohol. If I experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms I will seek medical help. 
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