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Looking to drink less but not exactly sure where to start? This quiz will help!

What you'll learn:

  • Your Drinking Type

  • Insights into your current drinking patterns

  • What's best for you with actionable steps to help you make sustainable change long term

Understanding your relationship alcohol is challenging.

Are you hoping to drink less but are unsure of how or where to start?

You are not alone.

I provide clarity and guidance tailored to your specific drinking habits and lifestyle

so you feel empowered to effectively reduce your alcohol consumption and

live a happier, more confident, and balanced life. Here's how:

Sip + Savor Summer

A structured, supportive program with proven strategies to help you to easily and naturally drastically reduce your drinking by Labor Day. 

Master Moderation

Your personal concierge for personalized support and actionable strategies that empower you to effectively reduce your alcohol consumption and improve your overall well-being.

Lose the Hangover Bootcamp

A 4-week experience to jumpstart and transform your relationship with alcohol without having to go cold turkey and saying bye to the  to the booze.

Just 5 minutes a day!

Hi! I'm Erica!

I have been exactly where you are...

Drinking more than I intended and finding it harder to stop drinking once I started. I dealt with shame, regret and embarrassment only to continue to drink the next day .. or weekend ... or social outing...

Now, I've decreased my drinking over 90%, and I have a healthy, "normal" relationship with booze. I no longer think about alcohol often nor do I use it as a crutch to deal with stress or negative emotions. 

I am on a mission to share everything I've learned! Join me + completely transform your relationship with alcohol, too!

Transformation in 12 passion (1).png


If you are over the shame, guilt, and overwhelm caused by overdrinking, take this quick quiz now and find out the best way for you to get started!

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