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ShameOver Squad - Master Moderation

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Master Moderation: A New Way to Drink Gain clarity on your current drinking triggers, get help establishing new easy-to-implement habits, learn made-for-you strategies that actually work, and receive constant access to coaching and support! What's Included: - Weekly Firesides (Group Coaching via Zoom) for women - Full of personalized feedback and actionable ideas you can begin implementing ASAP - 24/7 Access to Community and Support via Private App - Lose the Hangover Bootcamp which includes: 30 video prompts Workbook download - Members Only Portal - access whatever you need whenever you need it easily, safely and conveniently at your fingertips. - Complimentary Marco Polo Plus - Starting Out Assessment Plus: - 1:1 Personal, Direct Feedback - Discount Codes - Monthly Check-Ins - Complimentary access to all Seasonal Challenges (ie. Sober-or-Lower October, Hangover-Free Holidays, Dryish January, Self Love*uary, etc.)

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ShameOver Squad, $49.00/month

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ShameOver Squad

ShameOver Squad

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