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Me, Myself, and March

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Ladies, we need to stop belittling our successes and second guessing ourselves. Me, Myself, and March is a 1-month challenge of re-establishing trust in ourselves. Each day of Me, Myself, and March you will dedicate a moment to reflecting on a specific achievement, a positive action, or simply something you love or admire about Y-O-U! You’re encouraged to journal about your accomplishments, big or small, although journaling is not mandatory. Most of all, you will express gratitude for yourself. Daily. It could be personal growth you’re experiencing, challenges you are overcoming, or simply the choices you are making that align with your values. Then...SHARE IT! This daily celebration will help build a positive mindset and reinforces self-trust, love, and acceptance, and sharing it is VITAL. Why? We don't become what we "want" - we become what we believe we are WORTHY OF.

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Me, Myself, and March

Me, Myself, and March

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