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What we can learn from the Colorado Avalanche - Stanley Cup Champions!

I was reminded (twice) yesterday of the importance of checking in and seeing your growth over time.

We can get off the wagon for a day (or 3) and even when we get back on sometimes it's so easy to beat ourselves up and feel shame over our decisions.

Don't forget to ask yourself - if this was 6 months ago, 1 year, 5 years ago... would I have drank more? Would I have "overdone it" more than I just did?

If the answer is yes then celebrate that win. It's not about letting yourself off easy by any means - it's about focusing on the growth and how much work you've put in overtime and where you are now that matters. When you keep it positive it makes it easier to get back on track. When you focus on the negative or missteps (and we all know there will be plenty of them throughout our lives) the negative self-talk makes it that much harder to get back with that forward momentum.

It doesn't matter how small the step/growth/progress is, all that matters is that you're moving forward.

To those sports fans out there like me, yesterday the Colorado Avalanche (CO's professional hockey team) won the Stanley Cup! This is the biggest accomplishment you can achieve if you're a professional hockey player.

Yet, just 5 years ago, the Avs had the WORST record in the entire NHL. THE WORST! How do you go from being the worst team in the league to winning the championship?

  • You continuously put in the work

  • You never give up

  • You show