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The Morning After...

Oh the dreaded Morning After...

We've talked a lot recently about the next day or the day after drinking...

Maybe you didn't stick to your goal/plan.

(and maybe it was by a little...or a lot!)

Perhaps you failed to make a plan entirely?!

Whatever the reason - we've all been there.

Although you know I'm all about showing yourself some grace, we also know that we can't just let ourselves off the hook. This is why I've developed a one-pager that you can use ANY TIME to help you understand past behavior and set yourself up for success next time!

The best part is that this isn't just for understanding when we "fail" or go against our plan or goal. It can also be a very useful tool in learning what works for us when we're successful, too!

We can't learn from what we're unaware of, so this new tool is simply to help broaden your awareness so you can get closer to that moderation goal of yours!

Don't just learn from failure, learn from your successes, too!

Join ShameOver today to gain access and we can Master Moderation together! Choose from the self-guided Lose the Hangover Bootcamp or go all-in with the Bootcamp + Support Squad for all the community and accountability you could ask for!

Stop wasting time (and money) complaining about the dreaded hangover. You can still have fun with or without booze! With ShameOver, you just learn how to Master Moderation so you stop relying on that glass in your hand. You deserve it. You are worth it. Erica

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