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Make time for PLAY

Today, I want to encourage you to make time for PLAY

So, what does this mean? Play is all about creating, enjoying, exploring, feeling good, light, happy, joyful, and most of all - feeling into ourselves.

This is so important not only as we get older, but as life happens and we get busy and stressed, PLAY is the first thing to go. Think about it, in life we have: Fun/Play, Rest, Work, Parent

- Work and parenting are mandatory

- Rest is too, although we put that off or get as little as possibly needed to still "function"

- This is exactly why Fun is always the first to go

We are all about productivity thanks to social pressures and societal norms, but also simply the responsibilities of being adults. Productivity is important. It matters. It is essential. It comes with the territory. Which it should. But it doesn't need to be everything and it doesn't need to replace PLAY. Since when did it have to be one or the other?

This, I truly believe, is what leads to burnout and overwhelm.

I want you to ask yourself, "how can I make time and space..."

- For play

- To create

- To have fun

- To brainstorm

- To make myself feel good

When you lack the time and space for this, ultimately you are disowning your capacity for enjoyment and pleasure to exist. Yet, let's be honest - how fulfilling can life really be if it lacks joy and pleasure and fun?