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LOVE - Fact vs Opinion

Self-sabotage and self-compassion definitely resonated with me as a theme of the day.

So, I'd encourage you to devote 1 act of self-love to yourself EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. You decide what that looks like. As long as it doesn't involve alcohol and is good for your soul (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) I'll count it!

The other thing I'd like for you to focus on - every time you notice yourself getting negative, judgmental, harsh, impatient, or beating down on yourself (or anyone else) in ANY way ask yourself: is this a FACT or is this an OPINION?

So much of what we give our energy to is nothing but our own opinions or the opinions we think other people have about something or someone. Start understanding the difference between what is FACT and what is OPINION. From there, you can truly understand what you can change, and what you need to move on from.

Love yourself today and every day. You deserve it. You are worth it.


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