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Life Audit

Hello ShameOver Squad! Happy Monday!


What does this mean?

Have you ever taken the time to see what areas of your life you're happy in? Need work?

Super fulfilled and content vs. lacking passion and purpose.

This audit can really help figure this all out and it is something I recommend doing at least every year (if not every quarter!)

I personally like to do it around the new year and on my birthday as well to get a pulse on where I stand!

HOMEWORK: Take some time to really devote to this activity. I know it may be challenging for some and that's OK.

The harder it is the more you need this, I can promise you that!

This audit will give you a glimpse into how you're truly feeling and allow you to find the area that is holding you back from being happy, content, and fulfilled.

Get quiet, and spend a moment with each question and life area.

What does it bring up for you?

If you'd like the worksheet to this activity please reach out!

Also, consider joining ShameOver and see where this next chapter can take you!

Make it a great week! You deserve it. You are worth it. Erica

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