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Information Overload

Have you ever been puzzled by how you can consume so much information (and maybe even feel like an expert on the topic) but then find yourself nearly paralyzed with frustration because you aren't seeing the results you want in that area?

You have all the right tools in your toolbox - more than you may ever use - but it never seems like you have enough or the right one at the right time...or maybe you just forget about your tools at the moment you could really use them the most?

This is all completely normal and can likely be due to INFORMATION OVERLOAD! We are inundated 24/7 with all the information we could ever want - at our fingertips - at any time. From Google to podcasts to self-help books and coaches, we literally can find answers to any and everything. But, what if we are not seeing the results we want?

Think about it, I could read nothing but Fitness Magazines and articles and watch CrossFit shows and documentaries all day every day, but that doesn't mean I have 6-pack abs. On the flip side, I can find someone with 6-pack abs who really doesn't do much of what I have just listed above.

What gives?!?

The difference is ... The person who actually has the 6-pack is the one PUTTING IN THE WORK. They're the ones eating right, training right, resting enough. It doesn't matter how much information you have, what matters most is how you use it, apply it and what you choose to do with it.

I see this all the time when it comes to people struggling to moderate. (Myself included!) They can be listening to podcasts or reading books daily, they could even be showing up to in-person or virtual meetings and participating in discussions. But they come to me, frustrated, burnt out, annoyed, pissed off, ready to give up or give in...feeling like a failure, like there is something wrong with them...and just plain over it!

And I completely understand why! When you feel like you're putting in so much work by doing "all the things" aka consuming all the information - it should be getting through, right??

Information is just that - information. And we can face overload real fast! Now, it's time to apply it, to put it into practice.

You aren't here to learn more - you are here to CHANGE! And you will - if you do the work.