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How to FAIL at Dry January

You’re likely reading this because you’re interested in cutting back on the booze and are curious to see if Dry January may be "just what you need" to kickstart this new year. But let’s be real – you REALLY don’t want to fail.  


Great news – you're here! And any reduction in alcohol consumption is a win!  

Bad news – if you spend the entire month: 

  • Avoiding every liquor store, social gathering, and everything that normally triggers you to drink...  

  • Spend every evening in white knuckling misery...  

  • Don’t do the work on Y-O-U to get a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with alcohol... 

Then the benefits of Dry or Dryish January will be short lived (and you will probably “make up for lost time” as soon as February comes along.)  

Do not let this happen to you.  

If your attempts at drinking less or staying sober for a period of time have been as successful as finding matching socks on laundry day, then you are in the right place. Grab a seat, something B*Free (aka booze*free) and let's navigate the treacherous waters of self-discovery and alcohol abstinence/moderation.  

Here's what NOT to do followed by a great Master Moderation Tip to try!


1.) The Avoidance Olympics  

So, you've perfected the art of hiding out like a booze ninja, thinking you're dodging temptation like a pro. From voiding every social gathering and driving through neighborhoods to avoid those bright lights of the liquor store, to full house and garage cleanouts – I've seen it all. But hey, it's time to emerge from your lair and face the music.  While a temporary distraction might be a short-term solution, it's time to confront the real challenge head-on. 

ShameOver’s Master Moderation Tip: Swap the hide-and-seek for a little (or a lotta) introspection. Sit down and have a heart-to-heart with yourself about why you're clutching that wine glass like it's a lifeline. Spoiler alert: It's time to cozy up to discomfort like it's a rom-com marathon.  Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with the bottle and dare to ask yourself the tough questions. Who are you when the cork is popped? Why do you drink? What is alcohol doing for you? Embrace the discomfort – it might just become your new BFF. 


2.) The Distraction Dilemma  

Netflix binges, crossword puzzles, social media scrolling, or starting a DIY project you'll never finish – all commendable distractions, right? Wrong! Failing Dry January is an art form, and distractions are merely brush strokes in the masterpiece of avoidance.  

ShameOver’s Master Moderation Tip: Drop the remote, pick up a pen, and spill your guts onto paper. Write down the good, the bad, and the ugly truths about your relationship with the bottle. It's about time you became the author of your own story, with a twist of humor, of course. Write about your feelings, your struggles, and your triumphs. Get clear and understand why you've been clinging to the bottle and letting it be your source of entertainment, confidence, and stress reduction. When you learn to fill your emotional cup FIRST you'll need to fill your physical one less and less.


3.)  The Art of Denial  

Ah, the classic "I'm just taking a break" line at parties – the Oscar-worthy performance of Dry January. But darling, it's time to cut the act and get real with yourself. Who are you trying to fool? Deep down, you're already planning your triumphant return to the glass, right? Ditch the charade and own your choices with pride. 

ShameOver’s Master Moderation Tip:  Be honest with yourself about why you're reaching for that drink. Is it to fit in? To escape? To numb the discomfort? Acknowledge it, laugh at it, and then face it head-on. Confess your love-hate relationship with alcohol, laugh at the irony, and strut through the discomfort like it's your own personal runway. If you really want to take Dry/Dryish January seriously and reap the benefits long term, then get serious about why you want (or need) this break and let yourself feel the feels.


4.) Comfort in Discomfort  

Congratulations, fearless reader! You've made it to the pinnacle of self-discovery – getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s time to sit in the hot seat of self-awareness and recognize that Dry January is not a punishment nor is it just about saying no to alcohol; it's about saying yes to yourself.  

ShameOver’s Master Moderation Tip: Throw some confetti on that discomfort, and practice vulnerability and self-compassion. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort and embrace it without judgment. You're not failing; you're evolving. Remind yourself that growth comes from the awkward, messy, and downright uncomfortable moments. Cheers to you and the unapologetically flawed masterpiece that you are! 


So, there you have it. You can either spend Dry/Dryish January surviving in your white-knuckle glory OR you can THRIVE and do the work now and practice improving your relationship with alcohol (and yourself.) Remember, it's not about avoiding, distracting, or denying – it's about understanding, embracing, and evolving.  

Let's raise a glass (of booze-free goodness) to the magnificent masterpiece that is you! Here's to conquering Dry January with a splash of grit, a dash of perseverance, a generous serving of self-awareness, and why not, a sprinkle of joy and fun! Cheers to embracing the journey, flaws and all, and savoring every moment of this adventure! 


May your glass be full of clarity, resilience, and the vibrant spirit that comes from truly knowing and celebrating yourself. 


You deserve it. You are worth it. Your future self thanks you. 

Erica + ShameOver 

Master Moderation with Ease 


ShameOver can help you transform your relationship with alcohol, bid farewell to hangovers, and say hello to a shame-free, guilt-free lifestyle. It isn't just a program; it's a revolution in moderation, designed to help you break up with the binge, conquer the cocktails, and dance with moderation like never before. 

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