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Drinking Tips for a happy + safe holiday weekend!

Holiday weekends typically call for a lot of socialization, food, and of course alcohol. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe this 4th of July while still having fun and celebrating!

  • Plan - NEVER underestimate the importance of a plan. You likely have a decent idea of what your weekend will look like, so come up with a plan and try your best to stick with it. Yes, things will come up and plans will change and that's ok! Adapt. But once you have an idea in your mind of what your drinking will look like, it'll help you be more mindful throughout the day and try your best to stick to your game plan.

  • Alternate (Hydration is key) - For every alcoholic drink you consume, make sure you alternate with 1 (or 2) non-alcoholic beverages. #1 recommendation is water - hydration is key! - and it'll help you feel better without the sugar crashes/hangover from too much mixing. If you don't like water on its own, jazz it up! Throw in fruit, cucumbers + mint, limes, whatever your heart desires. (Mixed berries are a great add plus they're super festive for this 4th of July holiday!) My personal fav is soda water with cucumber + mint as the bubbles really do increase my enjoyment and help me feel like I'm adulting, too. Making sure you eat is imperative, too!

  • Add - Make it a spritzer by adding club soda! Sure, this won't work for every drink, but if you are having wine - add club soda. It'll cut the cals and alcohol intake nearly in half, make your wine last way longer, and help you stay more hydrated throughout, too! If you're a hard alcohol drinker, double up by making it a single tall (less booze, but more so it'll take you longer to drink.) Note: keep the booze at singles no matter what!

  • B*Free - If you haven't jumped on the B*Free train are missing out! There are TONS of great booze-free/non-alcoholic/alcohol-free options out there for ALL drinker's palettes. You can find some of my personal favs here, but most larger liquor stores now carry great options in all varieties. Please note: just like alcohol was originally, some of these may be an acquired taste...if you don't like something - try something else! I have no doubt though that you're bound to find something you like! Into beer? Try Athletic Brewing (their IPA is my fav!) Fre has a great Sparkling Rose that I enjoy, Gruvi's Sparkling Rose makes me smile (and their prosecco is perfect - especially for mimosas, and Giesen's Sauv Blan has me choosing it over regular wine. If you're into the harder stuff - Dhos has a nice B*Free Gin, and I also really enjoy Spiritless Kentucky 74 as a sipper, too! All of these options are typically available mainstream therefore you could pick them up today so you're ready for your weekend! Happy Exploring!


  • Sip'n'Savor - Take your time and actually sip and savor whatever you're consuming this weekend. From food to booze, there's a LOT to digest, so try and remember to be mindful and really taste and enjoy it! I've had some clients find great success in seeing how long they can make each drink last! Whatever works for you just take your time and enjoy the moment.