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Be Your Own Hero

Today, we focused on being your own HERO, not the victim.

If you've seen my favorite movie, The Holiday, there's a scene where Kate Winslet is told that she's acting like the best friend, not the leading lady, of her own life. This was a big moment for her in the story (and hit me just as hard the first few times hearing it) and it has stuck with me ever since.


Are you being the leading lady, the HERO of your life?

Or are you unable to move past the VICTIM mindset?

The hero and victim basically start out the same in every story. They're both are:

- facing a hardship

- unwilling to act

- in need of help

- filled with self-doubt

The difference is the hero decides to change.

They CHOOSE to transform and work through the growing pains, setbacks, and challenges they are faced with. (FYI, these are all necessary along the journey.)

You are here because you've decided you need to make some changes.

Accept the downfalls you've faced and the mistakes you've made.

Now, choose to move forward with courage and discipline.

Victims live in EXCUSES.

What excuses are you making? How can you be the hero?

You can't control everything, but you are the #1 and only person responsible for your happiness and for your success. Do you believe this?

Alcohol = comfort ...

What are you avoiding? What are you seeking? Use the TFA to help figure this out. <