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A 21-Day Reset to Conquer Your Consumption

(without saying bye to the booze!)


You've noticed an uptick in your drinking (#ThanksCovid). You are curious about trying to cut back but you

don’t want to go entirely sober.  You used to drink for enjoyment but now find yourself drinking to get through the day. It used to be easy to only indulge on certain days of the week or to stop at 1 or 2... But now you find yourself drinking more booze more often and experiencing the horrible side effects that come with over-indulging. 


Let's be real - The past year has wiped you out. You’re likely ready to go back to “normal” but that thought also makes any social anxiety creep back in.  Drinking has been a way to break up the monotony of the day and deal with the stress of the pandemic and lack of community and normalcy. Unfortunately, it’s gone from only drinking on weekends to 2 glasses (or a bottle) a night. Every night.  Then, you wake up feeling like crap, experiencing anxiety, guilt, shame, and brain fog, and likely questioning “why do I do this to myself?!”

Deep down you know you’re (mostly) in control and you don't have a problem,

but you don't want to wait until it becomes one either. 


Just imagine what life is like when you have complete control over your drinking, hangover-free.
You can wake up every morning, with zero shame or anxiety, and remember all the fun you had the night before. You aren’t questioning what you said or did. You don’t experience the severe brain fog or nausea punishing you for yesterday’s transgressions.  Instead, you’re clear and able to take on the day with a newfound sense of peace!
Because you are able to control your drinking, you are now more present during the day, ultimately improving your relationships. You will have more energy, be able to manage your stress,  feel more balanced, and even sleep better, too!

Fun Cycle

I'm intrigued! Tell me more... 

As a result of this RESET you will:

  • Cut back on your drinking without having to go completely dry or sober

  • Get clear on why you drink 

  • Create a plan that will help you move forward with control and balance - long term!


What’s included:

Image by Thought Catalog

Step 1 - Phone a Friend (Psst - That's Shameover)

We've all needed a ride home after a night of overindulging or someone to bear our heart and soul to (especially once the booze kicks in)... It is human to need others - but sometimes it's hard to ask. Not here. Think of Shameover as your go-to safe space helping you find your peace & balance again. SIGN UP NOW then submit your Starting Out Assessment. 


Step 3 - Discover Your Why

End the 21-Day Reset with a 30-minute follow-up call.  This is not black or white, and new patterns and adjustments will likely need to be made as you progress to ensure you can successfully create a more balanced and memorable life.  Leave empowered with a plan for long-term success and tools that will enable you to accomplish this healthier lifestyle with control, pleasure, and - of course - fun! 

Image by Manny Moreno

Step 2 - Determine Your Bottleneck

Next, schedule your 1-on-1 call. This is where the magic happens. You will begin to understand why you may be drinking more than you’d like and what is keeping you in this Groundhog Day pattern. We will also figure out what potential triggers may be keeping you from saying "no" to that next glass (and why booze is your go-to.)  Then, your 21-Day Reset begins! 

Image by Katy Anne

Step 4 - Activate the Spark

Everything is better together! With Shameover, you will have constant access to unlimited support and accountability. You are also invited to participate in group fireside chats where we celebrate successes and discuss any possible shortcomings you experienced.  Community and accountability truly will help seal the deal. 

For less than a night out on the town and an Uber ride home ($79),
you can regain control of your consumption and lose the hangovers with this
21-Day Reset!

Let’s get started!

I know how important it is for you to find balance in your drinking, remember more, and (hopefully) never be hungover again.

I can help. But - on one condition - this group is entirely guilt-free, judge-free, and shame-free.  

Are you in? Fabulous, let’s go!

  1. Complete the form below.

  2. I will send you a payment link for $79 via email.

  3. Once payment has been made, you will receive your 21-Day Reset Guide with detailed instructions on next steps.


What They’re Saying

I've really enjoyed this experience and the community! It's nice that it is was a wide group of people who participated; it's almost easier being more honest about your habits with people who don't know you that well vs close friends. They can give you more honest feedback, I think. I've realized a lot of women are thinking about or struggling with the same feelings. The more we openly talk about it, the healthier we will all probably become.   Thank you for creating this!


Being able to mindfully drink and notice when I overdid it or have the willpower to have control and say no has been the biggest win for me during this reset. Also, recognizing that I'm not alone in wanting to cut back on my drinking and that others also feel shame around the times they overindulge has been helpful. The check-ins and articles sent throughout the reset were really helpful reminders along the way, too.  All in all, I loved being part of this group, and thank you for bringing us all together.


Love it. Erica has been amazing and I think that’s key to having a successful experience. I now know that I’m not alone, and finding my real why is essential for my success as is setting specific goals.


Understanding how I use alcohol when I’m not paying attention and how it can be harmful to my overall productivity and happiness has been a key takeaway from participating in SHAMEOVER.


If not now...when?!

Just remember, you only get one life to live.

Take your power back and regain control NOW while it is still

your choice to make. You deserve it. Its time to RESET.

It's time for SHAMEOVER

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