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Me, Myself, and March

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Erica Mallery
Dryish January

Today, I'm celebrating checking in with myself.

After the kids went to bed, I was finishing up some work and rushing a bit since my hubby is out at a movie (a free night to watch whatever I want!!) I planned on doing a quick workout/yoga session and was craving a yummy treat. Got caught up in work and realized there was only time for one. Normally, I wouldn't check in with myself and I'd go straight for my show (and maybe the treat too!)

Instead, I took a minute to check in with myself and ask "What do I need? No judgment! Honestly - what do I need right now?"

TV would have been nice, as would the 🍦, but what my body and mind and heart needed more was a good, calming stretch.

Sure, I'm proud of the decision I made as it was most in alignment with what I'm working toward (my 2.0) but more than anything, what I'm celebrating the most - is telling myself NO JUDGEMENT and really meaning it.

I accepted myself exactly as I was in the moment. And that is a beautiful thing! (And what this whole month is about.)



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