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Me, Myself, and March

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I am using this month to try to find my spark. I have lost what gives me joy. What do I love or who am I outside of my career and being a mom??? I'm proud of myself today for setting this intention for the month.

I noticed a couple of things today while thinking about this.

  1. I am a lizard. I need to sit outside in the sun and warm myself from the outside in.

  2. I need to find new music that speaks to me. I barely listen to music anymore when I used to have a soundtrack to my life.

  3. I need to 'do' more. I used to love baking. But I also used to drink a LOT when I baked. I need to see what baking feels like without drinking and bring some creativity back into my routine.


Erica Mallery
Erica Mallery
Erica Mallery
Mar 05

I love allllll of this!!!



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