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Dryish January




31 Days


About the Course

Dry(ish) January ain't your grandma's sobriety snoozefest. This is a sassy siren call for you magnificent women who are over the hangovers, the drama, the shame, and the feeling like you're perpetually chasing your tail. Forget white-knuckling it through a month of FOMO – this is about reclaiming your glorious self with a swaggering, mindful strut.

What's included in this 31-Day Challenge:

- Daily Journal Prompts

- Daily Meditation/Mindfulness Practice

- 2-month Marco Polo Plus

- Community + Conversation

- Access to 1:1 Feedback and Support

- Discount Codes

- Starting Out Assessment

- Completion Assessment

Forget boring resolutions and stale detox plans. This ain't your average Dry January. This is a 31-day adventure of self-discovery, mindful sips, and laughter that'll have you feeling like you just won the lottery with a side of Beyoncé concert tickets.

Let's make it a month of self-discovery, laughter, and enough sass to shake the earth.

I can't wait to see you sparkle, shine, and transform this January! Let's do this!

You deserve it. You are worth it. Your future self thanks you.

Your Instructor


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